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We discussed this at length and thought it was a really good opportunity for us to find out how much our friends and family really thought of us, but then on reflection, decided we really do have everything we need and whilst it may be nice to perhaps upgrade the plates, we thought it would be better for those that want to give something, to donate to the charities really close to us.

We also appreciate, that many of you will have invested in new outfits and perhaps a hotel room for the night or a taxi and so it becomes an expensive occasion, so please do not feel you have to make any donation at all. But should you wish to Curtis wants to support the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt hospital in Oswestry, as they have been amazing.

Stuart Hay and his team have taken Curtis apart and keep trying to repair him under extremely challenging circumstances and the team at RJAH Hospital have been truly amazing. A just giving link is shown below.

Debbie wants to support the Cheshire Mind charity who specialise in mental health and again for family reasons this is extremely close to her chest, in fact closer than me! Again the link is shown below

Please give generously and THANK YOU